A Few Non​-​binary Selections For The Soundtrack Of Your Life

by Jon F Ellis

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I've always gravitated toward female musicians. It's not that I prefer them to male musicians, but maybe it's that I'm more "at home" with them. I was raised by a single mother and two elder sisters. All three of them love music and "the singing" was constant in our household. I remember having a revelatory moment watching MTV when on came the music video for The Bangles' "Hazy Shade Of Winter" (no, I'd never seen a Joan Jett, Lita Ford, or Heart video prior to this, sorry). Witnessing these women rocking out on electric guitar wasn't just inspiring, it was a sign of progress to me - i.e. the act of tearing down conventions. It seemed like a hard slap in the face to corporate radio and a wake up call to the culture expressing how gender roles/stereotypes are just as manufactured as the idea that the world is only a few thousand years old. This is a modest tribute to a few women that I hold in high regard. I was always given a hard time from friends growing up (male AND female!) regarding my love for female rock musicians. I guess I thought that if I, a male (or any male for that matter) were to cover songs that were originally conceived by female singer/songwriters, that this might help prove a point that music is non-binary, that a song can ring just as true in third person as it does in first, and that it makes no difference what's going on between your legs. At least that's my intention with this EP. To cap it off I've added my cover of "Wicked Little Town" from the cult classic rock opera "Hedwig And The Angry Inch" written by Stephen Trask. Music has no gender. It's a fluid, audible expression for a wide range of emotions. It can be beautiful, ugly, sad, or mad. It can be about women from a feminine perspective, about men from a masculine perspective, and vice versa. Songs are stories and stories are told down through the ages. These retellings will surely have various narrators of various genders, races, sexuality, etc..
In the end though, it's all just music.

Peace out, HUMANS!
- Jon


released March 8, 2017

All vocals, guitars, and drum programming by Jon F Ellis.



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Jon F Ellis Dallas, Texas

I am Jon F. Ellis, a native of Dallas, TX and am just teaching myself the art of music production. (on a zero dollar budget mind you)
I'm playing every guitar here, and doing all the vocal work, and drum/synth programming.

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